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Business Partners

- BlockCerto is composed of experts in the Blockchain technology sector and consultants from various fields of business management. In order to apply new technologies, there must be a deep understanding of all the increasingly complex business dynamics in today's economic world. BlockCerto inform, assist, and guide their clients in adopting new technologies that are essential for the future of their business activities, confident that ethics and transparency can represent an element of progress for our entire society.
- Solutions for EU compliance.
- Solerte supports implementation and abidance of European regulations (ESG, Supply Chain Act, Circular Economy and EQF) based on disruptive technologies (Blockchain, AI, IoT, Web3).

Technology Partners

- Public Blockchain
- 6,000 transactions per second
- Pure Proof of Stake consensus protocol
- Interoperability is standard and allows transactions with other blockchains
- The most sustainable blockchain with a negative carbon footprint
powered by
- Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform
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